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I was into art and music in my early childhood. Art lessons after school and music during. Such a passion I had for both. I practiced the flute until I could play at a college level when I was thirteen and I played that flute until it broke. I painted while raising my children and sang in churches. I loved the gospels. Some songs are just intangible and soul touching or soul soothing in just such a way it feels as if the heavenly father ignores the universes for a moment to give you attention and touch your soul in a song.

I compose music same as I compose paintings, only one art is visual and the other audible.. same technique, just different media for the different senses.

I wanted to create music that anyone can enjoy to hear wherever they are in the world and music that has a different or original sound. Each song of the album is different.. one song is blues, another classic rock, another modern, another a ballad.

I am Stephanie Jo P.Cox. I record under Stephanie Jo for Stephanie Jo Records.

Many music links are on the homepage. So you can look, listen and please enjoy.

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Contact Email: artistahermosa@hotmail.com